Monday, 13 December 2010


After sacking off the christmas lights, we got down to the shoot. 11am Saturday, Marlene (new hair lady), Crystal - stylist and mod-al innit, Sora - steamed and organizer of me basically, and a newbie - Samantha who jumped into do a bit of modeling and help Sora out with measuring, steaming and styling. We drank endless tea, ate all the rich tea biscuits and squeezed in a bit of dress up.

Maybe I should be showing just Holiday dresses (that's Christmas/rave up/NYE/down the pub dresses to you and me) but I can't help it, it's not raining and snowing all over the world (currently Ali will be sunbathing, i'm sure) and honestly, who doesn't want to see/wear a dress with ribbons on to fiddle with and swish about in? Exactly.

red pleated dress:

tulip, frolic in holland dress:
 floral, long sleeve cotton dress:
 leopard knit dress:
 bringing sexy back dress (velvet dream):

 get jazzy:

 bubblegum pink:

 polka love:
 sequin and cream raw silk dress:

 egyptian red:
 ka-boom sequins! shoulders!:
 sequin, beaded and sheer dress:
 i'm a big present dress:

 tick tock velvet's hot dress:

 another velvet, this time with crushed glitter on the edge:

 blue amazingness:

 it's a long one:
 sequins heaven:

 leopard sheerness:

 gold delights:
 turquoise delights:
60s crochet number:

Email me for pre-sales. Or come over for appointment only to try on. xx


  1. Love the last dress! Will you have it art department this weekend? And, what size?

  2. Yes we will! It's a Medium, look forward to seeing you this weekend!