Tuesday, 8 February 2011


Thank you for your entries this month, it's keeping me well and truly distracted..LOVE them. LOOOVEEE. Love reading your emails, blog responses and facebook pics...thank you...

Here's a mini roundup of some of the entries we've had so far, who's who and what's what in your spring inspiration minds right now....keep them coming, more info here if you still want to enter xxx

So, cause some of you have shown me yours, i'm going to show you mine (cause that's how it works I've been told..)

In no order and a little random (as usual)
a few things
I like
really like
and things I think about...(sometimes)

♢ anything prism-y, rainbow-y, those colours, Philip Low's prisms, cut glass, crystals hanging from the window (just like yours mum), sunshines, skylines..something I want to try and do/work with with our next photoshoot - crystals/prisms.. and how we can do this with the light shining all in Marlene's face (she'll love it, i'll drug her with tea..)

♢ pastel clothing (and the pop of the red shoes)

 ♢ the colours, I like them

♢ knitted things + blondies..


♢ the amazing MLE, it's her birthday today and she's always my inspiration, love xxxx

 ♢ Supermarket Sarah and all her collaborations and especially this months pom pom love..

♢ we just styled one of our lovely dresses this month with these pom poms... and Marlene (yes of course you as well Crystal), they're good spring inspiration too...

 ♢ balloons, tons of confetti system garlands

 ♢ these two, sheer, metallic, prints, smiley, spring-y

♢ Erin, and her hair (which was the inspiration for Crystal and the wire attack on her hair a few weeks back)

♢ this jacket, which is online now, is amazing (not just because it reminds me of.....

♢ her and her coat and her plait, cause it's not quite spring yet and still a bit nippy outside...  

♢ and this music. Just 'cause.


Keep 'em coming xxx

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