Thursday, 24 March 2011


Yesterday, was a good day. We scored. Instead of going out and about on one of our buying trips, Kevin came over. He said he had some clothes I would be interested in buying, that were right up our street. Yeahhh! Show me what you got!

Kevin is one of YO's biggest fans I reckon, but not cause of me (boooo) cause of Crystal (woooo!). He's Crystal's boyfriend, man of 6 years. He's a good un. Reaaaaallllly sweet.

Crystal and Kevin are so well suited. They LOVE dressing up (as well as lots of other things too - both have massive tattoos etc etc...) 

Things started off with a cuppa and a chat, then he got massively distracted. There are loads of props about, things to play with, things to dress up in our studio and go.... Full steam ahead.

Gimme a straw

 Masks, wigs, props and dressing up. We decided to have a little impromptu shoot of Kevin being Crystal in her favorite things (especially those overalls and that green stripe top we always use for styling).

OK, enough of the cross dressing. Crystal - see what he bought us to sell - click here. WE LOVE IT! YESSSSS! 

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P.P.S. YO VINTAGE! gives all credit for the styling/shoot - they were all Kevin's dance moves, poses, outfit choices and inspirations..ha!

P.S UPDATE...SHE SAID YESSSSSSSSSSSS!!!! YEAH!! Congrats Kevin and Crystal! xxxx


  1. HAHAHAHAHA this post seriously made my day!!!! So funny! I wish I had a fun prop-filled studio!

  2. amazing... how could she not say yes. Love this post x