Friday, 20 May 2011


The sun is here!! And what better way to greet the sunshine than with a pop of colour?! We are in full swing of Spring, and with all the flowers popping up in all their glory, shouldn't we as well?!

                                    Pink Shorts: $42                                 Royal Blue Linen Jacket: $64    
                            Rachel Roy, Spring 2011                           Teal High Waist Trousers: $52

                                   Gucci, Spring 2011                                       Magenta Trousers: $38

                           Isabel Lucas in Louis Vuitton                                  Coral 70s Maxi Dress: $98       

                                             Fendi, Spring 2011                               Turquoise Maxi Dress: $98  

I love color and I love to pop so this Spring I'm ready to break all the "rules" and get down and dirrrty with bold combinations and statement dresses! It's beautiful outside and so are you, so get ready world, we are ready to be just as bright as the boldest Spring flowers!

xoxo Marlene!

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