Thursday, 21 July 2011


A few weeks back, we finally got out of the studio, drove round Portland, jumped out of the car when we felt like it (saw things we liked) to take snaps to see what our clothes looked like in real life, aka not in front of white paper. It was such hard work! Seriously...we were all knackered by the end of it, I forgot loads of things for styling, didn't have things to hand - but I liked it. Working with Carey and the lovely Sydney and Tashina took me right out of my little studio bubble. Good though. So, we did it again last week (this time different models, and only girls in the gang) it was funny, we were winging it but the photos we got were wicked - we'll show you next time! XX

Models: Sydney Babcock/Tashina Hill
Photos: Carey Haider
Hair: Jodie at 220 Salon
Make Up: Kristin Lane at 220
Dress Ups: Me 'n' Tashina

Saturday, 16 July 2011


    Bell Sleeve Kimono $92

    Black and White Dress $52
    Red Romper $52
    Blue Floral Romper $52
    Blue Silk Dress $88
    Silver Sequin Top $62
    Sailor Print Pants $32 (Top - SOLD)
    Beige Paisley Print Dress $52
    Denim and Cord Dress $52
    Rasta Print Dress $58
    Blue Floral Maxi Skirt $38
    Sequin Jacket $98
    Leopard Top $28
    Cozumel Jumpsuit $58
    Gold and Black Maxi $88
    White Sparkles 70s Dress $62
    White Cotton Dress $64

All items in our POP UP SHOP now! Online next week. Please email for holds! 

Model Hotness: Jessica Smith at Muse Models
Headpiece Radness: RillRill
Intern amazing-ness help outs: Colleen Cunningham/Courtney Chiodo/Dane Brennon 

Wednesday, 13 July 2011


1. Stella McCartney 2. Marc by Marc Jacobs 3. YO VINTAGE! Hawaiian Sun Dress 4. YO VINTAGE! Tassel Tropical Sun Dress

Chill out this summer in a tropical inspired floral frock as seen from this seasons latest resort wear and these vintage numbers in our online store! Pair these bold fun prints with a pair of strappy platform sandals and a floppy hat for a flirty island girl look!

- Dane 'THE INTERN' Brennon!

Tuesday, 12 July 2011


This is Jessica (pro Volleyball player too FYI). Super lovely, super sweet and OMFG absolutely stunning. Some snap shots for a sneak peak from today's shoot. BABE foe'sho!

This beautiful headpiece was delivered by RillRill today to use in our shoot this Thursday - so beautiful! Thank you Katie! Etsy store magic  → here.

[SHOUT OUTS! Wicked day with Dane being our pro-seamstress, Jess (hotness as above) Colleen and Courtney being intern-extraordinaires - steaming, measuring, posting, tidying etc thanks loves!]

Thursday, 7 July 2011


From shop floor to real life (sort of..!) One dress, 2 gorgeous girls. Lovely to see Annabel from Blushing Ambition featuring our YO VINTAGE! green floral dress styling it out on her blog :)

    Annabel modeling the dress in a park in San Francisco

    Crystal modeling the dress on our website last month

Wednesday, 6 July 2011


I found (fuzzy) instagram, went wilderness camping and shot some guns (ye-ha, living the American dream?!), had first ever outside-the-studio photoshoot (it was much more tricky than I thought..hope to use some for a lookbook soon) and got sunburnt. Yeah! Hope y'll had a good 4th!

L-R - Sydney (who has now left to go international modeling, yey!), Me (in Pri-marni best), and Tashina boiling hot in Marlene's old wig, ha!!

Sydney/aka Boy George - Jodie at 220 braided all her hair, before fuzzing it out for the shoot..

We found this sign on our first stop - the word Dancers, was maybe meant to be Dangers, but they carefully covered up the C, hehe. Borgors?! 

Carey Haider was the photographer, I was a massively rubbish reflector person. Again, tricky.

We found an abandoned train to shoot on the way to Sauvie Islands, Sydney was freaking out as she thought she heard people inside it...

Roadside attraction babezzz - boiling hot!

You can see Carey's story from the shoot on his website - I'm not sure what i'm going to pull from it yet.... Here are two of my favourites from Carey - such amazing photographer!

[Thanks to Kristin for all make up too and Tashina for styling it up with me, and modeling!]

Friday, 1 July 2011


YO VINTAGE! Summer Lookbook 2011.

Big SHOUT OUTS to model Sydney Babcock for ace posing, turning up with her make up already perfectly applied and letting me dress her up, pull her about and entertaining the visor (new obsession..) Jodie at 220 Salon for some last minute hair styling. Charise Cusanelli for editing all the pictures, backdrop amazing-ness and web developing (until 2am this morning....!) BIG UPS! XXX

Model: Sydney Babcock
Hair: Jodie at 220 Salon
Charise Cusanelli: Editing
Photography: Sarah Radcliffe (with thanks to Kristen Larson)
Styling: Sarah Radcliffe