Thursday, 21 July 2011


A few weeks back, we finally got out of the studio, drove round Portland, jumped out of the car when we felt like it (saw things we liked) to take snaps to see what our clothes looked like in real life, aka not in front of white paper. It was such hard work! Seriously...we were all knackered by the end of it, I forgot loads of things for styling, didn't have things to hand - but I liked it. Working with Carey and the lovely Sydney and Tashina took me right out of my little studio bubble. Good though. So, we did it again last week (this time different models, and only girls in the gang) it was funny, we were winging it but the photos we got were wicked - we'll show you next time! XX

Models: Sydney Babcock/Tashina Hill
Photos: Carey Haider
Hair: Jodie at 220 Salon
Make Up: Kristin Lane at 220
Dress Ups: Me 'n' Tashina

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