Wednesday, 6 July 2011


I found (fuzzy) instagram, went wilderness camping and shot some guns (ye-ha, living the American dream?!), had first ever outside-the-studio photoshoot (it was much more tricky than I thought..hope to use some for a lookbook soon) and got sunburnt. Yeah! Hope y'll had a good 4th!

L-R - Sydney (who has now left to go international modeling, yey!), Me (in Pri-marni best), and Tashina boiling hot in Marlene's old wig, ha!!

Sydney/aka Boy George - Jodie at 220 braided all her hair, before fuzzing it out for the shoot..

We found this sign on our first stop - the word Dancers, was maybe meant to be Dangers, but they carefully covered up the C, hehe. Borgors?! 

Carey Haider was the photographer, I was a massively rubbish reflector person. Again, tricky.

We found an abandoned train to shoot on the way to Sauvie Islands, Sydney was freaking out as she thought she heard people inside it...

Roadside attraction babezzz - boiling hot!

You can see Carey's story from the shoot on his website - I'm not sure what i'm going to pull from it yet.... Here are two of my favourites from Carey - such amazing photographer!

[Thanks to Kristin for all make up too and Tashina for styling it up with me, and modeling!]

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