Wednesday, 24 August 2011


MASSIVE shout outs too:

Models: Jessica Smith// Kate Troedsson
Photographer: Charise Cusanelli
Hair and Make up: Kristin Lane
Intern love:Courtney Chido

Thank you ladies for helping create Late Summer! XXX

Charise car park stylee.

Focus face Kate and no face me.

Dumping al the styling shoes/muffs/sequins out on the sidewalk (ok, pavement) next to the workmen.

Cheeeeese-y. Which shoes?

Aggie and I hijacking Jessica's feet to switch out. YANKKKKKK! Aggie - stay!

 See? Just like the colored walls in Mexico I was telling you about. Right? Right.

END OF THE loooong DAY! Yessss! Me, Courtney, Charise and Jessica walk away from the colored walls! Next!

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