Thursday, 28 April 2011


To get into the swing of things (London, I miss yoouuuuu!) and vibe out the Royal Wedding from out here, we've photoed all our favourite white dresses/jumpsuits/sparkly things (some of them proper vintage wedding dresses) so Kate can choose one of these just incase she changes her mind last minute (express delivery and all that). Online now!

...and a bit of last minute Billy inspiration for you...

Thursday, 21 April 2011


Tomorrow, i'm meeting up with Emma, she's my old school BFF. Nearly 20 years BFF. She's flying over from London and I'm meeting her in San Fran, then we're road tripping all the way back up the west coast on a massive vintage buying trip (I'M SO EXCITEDDDDD!) I'm going to take pictures the whole way up (mostly to annoy Emma), so I won't be posting here for a while, i'll be posting on twitter/twit pics...for the next few days (or I might be able to work out how to put it on the blog..) See yooouuu!


(....a follow on from the mice....)



T H A N K Y O U !

220 Salon, especially Jessica for the gorgeous hair styling and Kristin for the wicked make up.
Crystal for amazing-model-ness. 
Gretchen Jones for posting over her trousers so we could mix it up.
Jessie for amazing photography skills. 
The incredible Paxton Gate and Marjorie at The Mercury for putting up with my obsession for all things taxidermy lately lending us the amazing critters for the shoot/asking us to be involved (published 5 May).


Wednesday, 20 April 2011


Colette is my buyer in Switzerland and she has the most amazing eye. She really is such a babe. And one of my sisters (I have 3, and a brother). I'm biased, but she is and always has been so amazingly stylish, but not in a follow-er-fashion-way. She just knows how to put things together and what to wear and what suits people. She buys for us in all the best hide aways in Switzerland, parcels them up and sends them over, so when we list 'sourced in Switzerland' - we mean Cols found it for us. I just got these parcels in for our shoot tomorrow with Marlene, about 50 new pieces, so they'll be up on the site next week. Rare Switz Beauties. Thanks Colsey! xxxx
Sisters! L-R Colette, Helene and Ali at my wedding last year :)

Thursday, 14 April 2011


Tomorrow we're collab-ing up with Hazel Cox at Wieden + Kennedy.

I know I say this all the time, but she really is my favourite (ok, well one of them). She's completely mental unique (in an absolutely amazing way). She's so interesting, has a story for everything and makes the most incredible jewelry. 

A typical work day for you:
Wake and break, tea or coffee, yoga breath, emails, cat kisses, The View at 10:00, earplugs, hammer, anvil, drill, popcorn, General Hospital at 2:00, polishing metal while situational discussions tramp around in my thoughts, dying silk fibers to the perfect hue, emails, a walk, cutting bronze, engraving bad words onto sheet steel for practice while I have a snack break, packing and shipping out orders, answer the phone when Dee calls, day dream about other projects that I want to be working on with my lady pal Janet, order supplies, sharpen my tools, play some amazing air drums with my hammers to the music of WITCH when it comes on my itunes, etc…..

I popped over last week to see what's what (she's just been picked up by Anthropology in London - nice one) and what she'll be bringing tomorrow.


Wednesday, 13 April 2011


...started like this:

An idea I saw on Terry Richardson's diary. High fiving. Something stuffed.  Riggghhhht.

We're doing a shoot for the Mercury Spring Fashion Issue next week and I need to represent YO!, Portland and mix our pieces with a designer's clothing (it's Gretchen Jones pieces, nice). But we don't have a shop, so we need to go out on location, do something not so serious and represent something about us. I'm not massively into the whole stuffing-a-dead-animal thing. But then I saw these at Paxton Gate.

They're like Sylvanian Families - they're already dressed and a little family..ok they're nothing like them (except for the fact I want to collect them all). These are REAL MICE DRESSED IN SMALL CLOTHING. OMFFFFG! Genius.

I'm not sure how it's going to work out. It might not. I'll show you next week, the mice, the models, our behind the scenes shoot things.



...what an (amazing) lady...

Friday, 8 April 2011


LOADS+LOADS+LOADS of A M A Z I N G vintage just added to online...

My favouirtes this week.
The shirts.
The capes.
Those pale skirts.
Those pajama type silk trousers in coral.
(Oh and the jumpsuits..ok, basically all of it).