Friday, 10 August 2012

This week we were back in the studio for our next lookbook. I wanted to try and create a yo! spin on the futurist / bondage / grunge vibes / trends that are coming up this fall - according to ASOS / Andi Bakos - a few of my fave trend reporters ;) At first these trends felt so far from what I'd sell at yo!, but after sourcing some amazing finds (think black leather, sheer dresses, leggings, metallics...) and working with some amazing ladies (Anja, Karyn and Marlene) I think we created something fun (including some wig wearing), something wearable, and pieces from outfits to take ideas and inspiration from. We have some wicked items that will be for sale that you can mix and match them how you like, sans wig..or without. Ann-ja super amazing metallic leather pieces will also be up for sale - totally killer. 

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