Sunday, 18 May 2014

Quay Sunnies

So I hate to admit it but I love knowing whats going on in Hollywood now and again. I read the tabloids from the corner of my eye when I check out at the grocery store. Even worse, if the headlines are juicy enough I can't help but buy them. I have also endlessly searched for a 'SONO MAMA' Philip Lim sweater on eBay just because Beyonce wore it (once).  And I have been known to veg out watching Mob Wives or any wives show VH1 throws my way for that matter - embarrassing I know.

Anyway, my newest celebrity obsession is who's wearing Quay sunnies because we just started carrying them at the shop. All mega babes from Cara Delevingne to MIA to Iggy Azalea. Oh and of course Gwen and Beyonce are rockin' them, always ahead of the curve those two.  Which pair do you have to have?

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x Anissa

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